Hot Spring Hotel :

     Hoping to revive a dilapidated hotel in the desert, siblings Kat and Randy unknowingly discover that their hotel is actually an erotic oasis for its guests and staff.
     Hot Springs Hotel is a playful resort that caters to young, attractive, and amorous visitors.
     This Showtime TV cable channel original series is bound to encourage viewers to desire to make a reservation for the Hot Springs Hotel.

  1. Money Trouble
  2. Cheerleaders
  3. Travels with Travis
  4. Movie People
  5. Corporate Raiders
  6. Beauty Pageant
  7. Rock Star
  8. Bachelorette Party
  9. Theo & the Model
  10. To Your Health
  11. Hole in One
  12. A.W.O.L.
  13. Layout
  14. Girls in the Band
  15. Fantasy